From failure analysis to characterization and process optimization – Comet Yxlon X-ray and CT systems open up new possibilities in quality control and assurance.

Industrial X-ray and CT inspections for various applications

Whether it’s 100% inline testing in the automotive industry or at-line spot checks of random product samples – non-destructive testing with X-ray and CT is an essential tool for quality control and assurance. No matter the application, Comet Yxlon systems help manufacturers meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability while avoiding production stops and downtimes.

CT scan of a battery

Determining the root cause: failure analysis

When a part doesn’t comply with its requested material standard or fails to perform its intended function, engineers, and scientists start a failure analysis process to investigate the possible cause of the non-conformity. To avoid customer complaints and further rejects, the experts use X-ray and CT systems to determine the root cause and subsequently accountability. The results of the failure analysis are documented in a quality inspection report and can be used to optimize production processes.

Part characterization: determine the properties that count

In many cases, the use or further processing of a component requires information on quality, geometry, and load capacity to ensure that it meets industry standards or manufacturer requirements. With Comet Yxlon inspection systems, characterization can be performed fully or partly automated with software and workflows supporting the evaluation. Characterization delivers input for subsequent processing steps, e.g., by specifying the position of a ground plane or setting holes.

The different levels for the integration of automation into the inspection process

Optimizing production efficiency: process control

Comet Yxlon X-ray and CT inspection systems determine characteristics that help to recognize unfavorable trends in production quality, so manufacturers can initiate countermeasures at an early stage and optimize production parameters – before costly rejects or quality claims occur. In the process, the X-ray and CT systems deliver valuable data that can be connected with information from various other production process steps to fully harness the power of Industry 4.0.

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