We at Comet Yxlon are convinced that everyone has to do their part for a world worth living in. We want to set a positive example to motivate us as a company, and to encourage our employees, our customers, and our suppliers to accompany us on this path. Because at Comet Yxlon we know that if we want to make a real change, we all must work on it together.

Our promise

We as a company commit ourselves to

  • comply with all environmental regulations
  • reduce environmental pollution (resource consumption, harmful emissions)
  • continuously improve our environmental management

Our levers

Sustainability along our entire value chain is important to us

We focus on a holistic view of sustainability. For this reason, it is important to us that our suppliers also focus on a sustainable approach. When selecting our suppliers, we prefer companies that are ISO 14001: 2015 certified.

Our sustainability concept is based on continuous improvement

To achieve a sustained improvement in our environmental performance, we plan and manage several projects each year to increase our efficiency. We attach great importance to increasing our energy efficiency and reducing waste, emissions and materials consumption.

Our products offer resource-saving management options

Sustainability also plays a major role in our core business. That is why we strive in our product development process to develop durable products that can be upgraded.

In addition, with our products, we can offer our customers solutions for non-destructive material testing and analysis. In the course of digitization, there are numerous opportunities for us and our customers to optimize products and production processes and thus save resources.

We would be happy to provide you with detailed information regarding our environmental performance upon request.