Comet Yxlon X-ray inspection systems are designed for the safe and reliable, non-destructive testing of electronic, microelectronic, and electromechanical products.

Miniaturized and highly complex: the challenges of electronics

From e-mobility to the smart home, from mobile communications to Industry 4.0 – as the application possibilities for electronics continue to develop, reliable quality assurance of electronic components – particularly semiconductor devices and their connections – becomes ever more important. One major challenge is miniaturization: The smaller and more complex components become, the greater the need for high-resolution and high-magnification inspection systems that can detect the smallest defects even in hidden solder joints.


From bond wires to IC strips, from Micro-LEDs to MEMs - learn more about how Comet Yxlon X-ray inspection systems support applications in the semiconductor field.

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Quality assurance and failure analysis with Comet Yxlon

Based on extensive market research and input from electronics manufacturers, Comet Yxlon designed their X-ray and CT inspection systems to facilitate dependable quality assurance and failure analysis. At the same time inspection results can be used to optimize and adjust production processes – to further avoid rejects and complaints and to increase cost efficiency.

CT scan of BGA Package on Package (PoP) showing a Head in Pillow (HiP) failure
CT scan of BGA Package on Package (PoP) showing a Head in Pillow (HiP) failure

Inspection of surface-mounted technology

High-resolution Comet Yxlon X-ray inspection is widely used in failure analysis and product quality testing of electronic components. In the inspection of surface-mounted technology (SMT), X-ray images help identify material defects and quality characteristics of solder joints in PCB components like BGA and BTC packages as well as though hole technology (THT) connections and ensure their electrical and thermal conductivity.

Further applications of industrial X-ray in electronics

  • Integrated power electronic components like IGBT
  • Discrete components such as transistors
  • Connectors
  • Camera lenses for e. g. cell phones or automotive
  • Coils
  • Batteries
  • Assembly checks of complete devices, e.g., cell phones for final acceptance or failure analysis of returns
Laminography scan of LEDs analyzed with VoidInspect CL
Laminography scan of LEDs analyzed with VoidInspect CL

Software solutions for automated inspection

Finding cracks, open solder joints, or voids in electronic components is a task best performed with automated processes. Comet Yxlon offers a wide range of software solutions for error-free X-ray inspection without the need for human intervention, such as:

  • VoidInspect CL for void analysis in computed laminography images
  • Multi Area Void Calculation MAVC
  • THTInspect DR (digital radiography), for the evaluation of solder fillings
  • Automatic positioning and re-positioning of inspection parts based on their unique structures
  • Automated inspection processes for identical parts after an initial manual set-up by an operator
  • Easy reporting and software-supported evaluation

Keeping radiation doses as low as possible

As a non-destructive inspection method, X-ray technology aims to avoid any damage to the components undergoing testing. Since radiation exposure can have a significant effect on electronic components, e.g., the retention of flash memories, the reduction of radiation doses becomes increasingly important. Comet Yxlon systems for the SMT and semiconductor sector, like the Cheetah EVO and the Cougar EVO, feature high-resolution flat-panel detectors with the ability to work with a much lower radiation dose due to their sensitivity. For the protection of particularly sensitive test parts, Comet Yxlon offers a dose reduction kit including a special collimator and filters to minimize the potential damage to sensitive parts.