Our versatile Software Suite combines powerful software packages, tools and features with a smooth, intuitive user experience – and helps you get the most out of your inspection system.

Software solutions that grow with your challenges

When developing new inspection systems, we always pay special attention to the perfect coordination of hardware and software. Our image software solutions are as diverse as your applications: From our proven user interface Geminy with its easy-to-use wizards to innovative software packages like VistaX that significantly increase productivity, our solutions ensure that you achieve the best inspection results – with the least effort.

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The three pillars of excellent inspection results

Based on our brand promise of making you “See better. Faster. More.” we have structured our Software Suite into three interconnected pillars, serving three specific areas of interest. “Clarity” focuses on detail-rich image acquisition. “Efficiency” revolves around connectivity to boost your productivity, while “Insights” features powerful analysis solutions. All three ensure that you achieve the best inspection results – with the least effort.

1. Clarity
Image acquisition

Gain highest image data quality: See more details of your inspection samples by capturing brilliant 2D and 3D images.      


2. Efficiency
Connectivity & management

Increase your productivity: Streamline workflows between systems, software and people through seamless connectivity and automation.    


3. Insights
Image analysis & process control

Improve product and process quality: Extract critical information from image data to stay ahead of your market.          


Award-winning usability for operators of all skill levels

User friendliness is a powerful efficiency and productivity tool: The simple, intuitive operation of our Software Suite reduces the need for time-consuming and costly training. Graphical symbols, wizards, presets, and automation guide operators smoothly through the inspection process.

Geminy health monitor

A future-proof investment: scalable and easy to integrate

Thanks to our flexible Software Suite, Comet Yxlon systems can be integrated cost-effectively into specific customer environments. Scalable software packages and tools support use in a variety of application scenarios, from a single lab to a network of production systems. And if your production requirements change, the Software Suite can adapt – its continuously expanding upgrade options with new functions guarantee investment security for many years.

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