The CA20 is designed to deliver superior 2D & 3D images in the highest resolution, it allows the fastest inspection of micron-sized details – and helps cut time to market for complex 3D ICs.


Series: CA

Industry: Advanced Packaging, Semiconductors, Electronics, Science & Research

Defect size: <1 µm, <50 µm, <1 mm

Part Size: <435 mm

Mode of operation: 3D X-ray, 2D/3D

CA20 highlights

  • Designed for the semiconductor industry
  • Non-destructive technology for three-dimensional insights into solder bumps within minutes
  • Repeatable results through reliable and accurate technology, designed to support a stable inspection routine
  • Efficient software-assisted review including automated void analysis with Void Insights
  • Dose Manager for the protection of X-ray sensitive components

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CA20 – The fastest way from R&D to ROI

The semiconductor sector is a speed-driven industry. In the race for innovation every day counts. As an inspection system specifically developed for the challenges of complex 3D ICs in Advanced Packaging, the CA20 helps you keep the pace – and to stay ahead of the game. The CA20 enables an accelerated verification of new packaging process node prototypes: The faster you find the root cause of ramp-up issues and fix them, the faster you’ll reach the desired yield – and, thus, the Return-on-Invest (ROI).

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Speed up your process development with 3D X-ray

While inspections using destructive methods can take weeks, 3D X-ray gives your R&D engineers results they can work with right away. As a non-destructive testing (NDT) system, the CA20 supplies you with crystal-clear 3-dimensional images of nano details inside your ICs within minutes. Monitor your interconnects process, find flaws fast and feed your insights back into the process.



Identification of critical Advanced Packaging defects

3D X-ray produces high-resolution 3D volumes that allow manufacturers to measure and inspect bumps and identify smallest defects in record time. See critical defects such as non-wet, head-in-pillow or bump shift and determine the stand-off height to monitor die tilt or warping like never before.

Our innovative software solutions 

  • The CoS 3D Clarity package as part of our award-winning Geminy software is your tool to quickly create high resolution 3D images.
  • Use our Batch Manager to inspect trays of ICs or substrate strips with a few clicks.
  • Protect your sensitive inspection parts from critical X-ray doses with the Dose Manager.


Advanced Software Solutions

Unleash the full power of 3D data visualization and analysis with Dragonfly deep learning software, FF CT software or Volume Graphics Studio.


Analyze your 3D X-ray data with this intuitive image processing software suite. Utilize the power of AI and use the deep learning segmentation to extract the maximum of information from the low dose scan that protects your sensitive parts. If you do not need the numbers, simply highlight your results with stunning visuals.

Void Insights

Gain even deeper insights from efficient guided inspection by grading solder connection voids. Our Void Insights package enables the software-assisted quantitative void analysis in 2D and 3D images. You’ll benefit from unobstructed views of solder planes when using 3D X-ray. Void Insights allows a reliable and repeatable evaluation with a machine-readable export of results.

Review Insights

Our Review Insights package enables the software-assisted visual inspection of 2D and 3D images. It allows you to review slices of 3D volumes in any direction and facilitates image analysis through user-friendly image filters, zoom, rulers and manipulation.


CA20 inspection applications in R&D and production

  • Chip-on-Substrate including Fan Out packaging solder connections (C4 bumps and copper pillars)
  • 2.5 and 3D IC package solder connections including microbumps
  • Substrate strip solder bumps
  • Sensors
  • MEMS and MOEMS

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Technical Data

Sample Size 435 mm (17")
System Dimensions (W/D/H) 1650 x 1400 x 2050 mm
System Weight ~ 2500 kg
Detector Active Area 130 x 130 mm
Pixel Matrix 1536 x 1536 px
Pixel Pitch 85 µm
Oblique Viewing +/- 65° (130°)
Scan Modes 2D, 2.5D, 3D

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