We develop high-end X-ray and CT system solutions that enable non-destructive testing in the semiconductor/electronics, automotive, and aerospace industries – from R&D labs to production settings.

Led by experience. Driven by curiosity.

Good solutions start with good questions. At Comet Yxlon, our curiosity and passion for technology are the drivers behind our collaborative approach to product development. Based on customer feedback we create inspection systems for all types of cast parts, new materials, electronic components, batteries, welded joints, and a lot more.

How far can we push technology?

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Pioneering spirit meets decades of experience.

Innovation is an old tradition at Comet Yxlon. Our roots go back to the discovery of the X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895 and the construction of the first X-ray tube by Carl Heinrich Florenz Müller in Hamburg in 1896. Their legacy still inspires us today in our effort to develop cutting-edge inspection solutions that create sustainable progress.

Comet Yxlon - our story so far.

  •  At SEMICON Europa / Productronica , Comet Yxlon launched it's latest inspection solution CA20. 
  • Designed to meet the challenging specifications required for Advanced Packaging inspection, CA20 provides, fast & reliable 3D and 2D images in high resolution of micron-sized details.

  • With joint forces and a new brand design, Comet Yxlon continues to extend its market-leading position in the X-ray and CT inspection system industry.

  • Market introduction of CT system UX50
  • Introduction of the optional 225 kV Comet MesoFocus X-ray tube for UX20
  • Release of ScatterFix 2.0, developed by Yxlon for Yxlon’s CT systems

  • German Inspect Award 2021 for UX20
  • Foundation of Yxlon’s  „Application Factory“, a perfect combination of showroom and application lab
  • Expansion of the Line Detector Array (LDA) production in Hamburg

  • Market introduction of the new UX20 system
  • Foundation of the Taiwan headquarters
  • ORS Montreal joins Comet and starts its first projects with Yxlon
  • Transfer of open microfocus X-ray tube production from Hamburg to Flamatt
  • Closing of Yxlon Inspection Services and the Hattingen location

  • Expansion of Yxlon’s premises by establishing the „Future Factory“, a creative location for R&D and intense workshops
  • Celebration of 20 years Yxlon in Japan

  • Introduction of new line detector CTScan 3 and launch of YXLON FF85 CT
  • German Innovation Award for Geminy user interface
  • Opening of four climate chambers in Hamburg
  • The FF35 CT Metrology wins the Mexico Technology Award and the Global Technology Award

  • Launch of YXLON FF20/FF35 CT Metrology systems
  • Product launch Cheetah EVO & Cougar EVO series

2015 - 2016
  • Global Technology Award for SmartLoop
  • Inauguration of two new 600 kV radiation protection bunkers in the Hamburg production hall
  • Launch of the 190 kV nanofocus X-ray tube

  • Good Design Award for FF20 CT and FF35 CT systems
  • Market launch of computed tomography systems YXLON FF20 CT and YXLON FF35 CT with the innovative Geminy user interface
  • The Yxlon North America location in Ohio moves from Akron to Hudson

  • Transfer of CT systems development and production from Hattingen to Hamburg, Germany
  • The Hattingen location becomes the home of the new Yxlon Inspection Services.

  • Yxlon keeps growing: Inauguration of a new, larger production hall in Hamburg
  • Market launch of imaging system Y.HDR-Inspect
  • Concentration of the component production at Comet X-ray Modules in Flamatt, Switzerland
  • The open microfocus tubes development and manufacturing moves from Flamatt to Hamburg

2007 – 2008
  • Swiss COMET Holding AG acquires YXLON International
  • Incorporation of FeinFocus in Garbsen and its microfocus X-ray inspection product line
  • Market launch of Variofocus X-ray tube

2005 – 2006
  • Acquisition of Eltech (USA) and its LDA technology
  • Market launch of the universal Y.Multiplex system
  • “Product design award” for the system design of Y.Multiplex

  • Inauguration of sales offices in Beijing and Shanghai, China
  • Acquisition of HAPEG Hattinger Prüf- und Entwicklungs-GmbH in 2004 and expansion of the product portfolio with CT
  • Introduction of computed tomography system CT Compact
  • Launch of modular tire inspection system Y.MTIS

1998 – 1999
  • YXLON International moves to the new facilities in Hamburg-Langenhorn, Germany.
  • Acquisition of LumenX in Akron (Ohio, USA) and the founding of YXLON International Ltd.
  • Founding of YXLON International KK in Tokyo

  • The founding of YXLON International X-Ray GmbH was the result of a management buy-out and the merger of Philips Industrial X-Ray (Hamburg, Germany) and ANDREX (Copenhagen, Denmark)

1993 – 1997
  • Foundation of Philips Industrial X-Ray as an independent company within the Philips group in 1995
  • Launch of wheel inspection system MU231 and universal X-ray system MU2000 in 1997

1990 – 1991
  • Development of the first 450 kV X-ray tube
  • German Industry Innovation Prize

1926 – 1927
  • Foundation of Philips Germany in Berlin
  • Company takeover of C.H.F. Müller Röntgenwerke by Philips GmbH (DPG)

1895 – 1896
  • Discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen
  • Construction of the first X-ray tube in Hamburg by Carl Heinrich Florenz Müller

Comet Yxlon – part of Comet

As a division of Comet – a leading corporation with a focus on plasma control and X-ray technology – Comet Yxlon benefits from Comet's prime market position, financial strength, and many support functions. The close, but independent cooperation between our divisions helps reduce complexity and increase development times.

With our headquarters in Hamburg, sales, and service locations in San Jose (California), Yokohama, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hsinshu (Taiwan), as well as a network of representatives in over 50 countries, Comet Yxlon serves customers locally – all over the world.

Code of Conduct

The Comet Code of Conduct serves as a standard and guideline for legally irreproachable behavior and proper practices in line with our company’s values and rules. All employees of the Comet Group worldwide adhere to this Code.

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Sustainability at Comet Yxlon

Increase efficiency, reduce emissions, decrease resource consumption ¬– manufacturers worldwide are facing the same challenges for environmentally sound production. At Comet Yxlon it’s our goal to develop new concepts that help us and our clients provide sustainable progress.