Non-destructive testing with industrial X-ray and CT systems from Comet Yxlon helps manufacturers monitor and optimize both product and process quality.

Fast, convenient, and cost-efficient inspections

In the diverse field of quality assurance and quality control, Comet Yxlon stands for X-ray and CT inspection systems with easy operability for all types of cast parts, tires, electrical and electronic components, additively manufactured parts, welded joints, composites, ceramics, and a lot more. By minimizing rejects and downtimes and using inspection data to optimize the production process, Comet Yxlon X-ray and CT scanners help manufacturers produce the highest quality – and save time and money at the same time.

Operator desk of MTIS tire inspection system
Operator inspection workspace

Control and assurance

Failure analysis, characterization, or process optimization – Comet Yxlon X-ray and CT systems take quality control and assurance to the next level.

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Non-destructive testing

Deep insights into a component’s structure without altering the object: X-ray-based NDT methods are making the difference, in particular in combination with computed tomography.

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CT metrology

Comet Yxlon CT metrology systems for quality assurance deliver premium dimensional measurements of internal and hard-to-access areas of industrial products.

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