With its large inspection envelope, multiple field-of-view extensions, and a powerful 450 kV X-ray tube, the UX50 takes the inspection of complex, dense parts to the next level.


Series: UX series

Industry: Automotive, Aerospace, Science & research, Welds, Foundries, Add. manufacturing

Defect size: <1mm, >1mm

Part Size: small size, medium size, large size

Mode of operation: 2D, 3D, 2D/3D

UX50 highlights

  • Wide application range: 450 kV and large inspection envelope
  • Choice of line and/or flat-panel detectors for maximum flexibility
  • CT techniques for extended field of view and image processing
  • Simple creation of inspection sequences with Geminy
  • Automated detector calibration and image sharpness measurements
  • For applications e.g., in automotive, metal casting, and additive manufacturing

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Maximum flexibility for quality assurance testing

Whether its massive motor blocks, larger steel parts, or complex e-mobility components – the Comet Yxlon UX50 CT system scans the most challenging items in record time. Fast switching between line and flat-panel detectors, intuitive operation with the user interface Geminy, and a comprehensive set of image processing tools make the UX50 ideal for an unlimited range of X-ray and CT applications in the industrial environment.

One system, two detectors: line detector and/or flat-panel detector

The UX50 offers a variety of detector configurations to meet the individual inspection needs of manufacturers. While CTScan 3, a line detector array (LDA) designed and produced by Comet Yxlon, is highly efficient at high energies, the Y.Panel 4343N offers more versatility. The configuration with both detectors provides the best solution for each task, allowing for quick and easy switching between the image chains in one sequence.

Easy upgrades for a future-proof investment

Simply choose the image chain that meets your current tasks and budget. If your requirements change, single detector configurations can be upgraded on site. In addition, the Geminy user interface will provide regular updates including new features.

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Which items can be inspected with the UX50?

  • Components made of aluminum, steel, and superalloys
  • Mechatronic assemblies
  • Electromobility drive components and batteries
  • Geological samples
  • Fossils for paleontological research
CT volume of an automotive cast part with porosity analysis

CT techniques for field-of-view extension and maximum image quality

The UX50’s powerful CT techniques facilitate the optimum part size spectrum, speed, and image quality.

Special techniques for cone-beam CT with the DDA

  • QuickScan® – continuous rotation image acquisition
  • QualityScan – start-stop image acquisition, also for ring-artifact reduction
  • HeliExtend – to avoid cone-beam artifacts
  • Horizontal and vertical field-of-view extension
  • Combination of horizontal and multiple vertical field-of-view extensions

Special techniques for fan-beam CT with the LDA

  • Horizontal field-of-view extension, a Comet Yxlon patent unique in the market
  • Determination of regions of interest (ROI) to be scanned with different line pitches with effect on image quality and speed

Image quality optimizations

  • ScatterFix 2.0, e.g. for optimized surface determination
  • Beam hardening correction (BHC) to correct unwanted gray-value gradients
  • Metal artifact reduction (MAR) to minimize interfering effects which occur at complex components consisting of plastics and metals.

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Technical data

Sample Diameter 600 [mm]
Sample Height 850 [mm] Flat-Panel Detector / 800 [mm] Line Detector
System Dimensions (W/D/H) 2,620 x 1,945 x 2,560  [mm] Flat-Panel Detector / 2,620 x 2,585 x 2,775  [mm] Line Detector
Maximum Sample Weight 100 [kg]
X-ray Tube 450 kV mini-focus
Detector Type Flat-panel detector 4343 N and/or Comet Yxlon line detector CTScan 3 
CT Modes Cone-beam CT, QuickScan, QualityScan, HeliExtend, SpeedMode, Fan-beam CT, ScanExtend (FoV extensions), Volume Crop
Voxel Size Down to 55 [µm]
Inspection Envelope CT (3D) with Flat-Panel Detector 570 x 850  [mm]
Inspection Envelope CT (3D) with Line Detector 600 x 800  [mm]
Inspection Envelope DR (2D) 520 x 850 [mm]
Manipulation 5 axes

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