From quality assurance to process optimization: the MTIS provides the highest image quality and inspection accuracy while gathering valuable statistical process control data.


Series: Other

Industry: Automotive, Tire

Defect size: <1mm, >1mm

Part Size: medium size, large size

Mode of operation: 2D, high throughput

MTIS highlights

  • The most popular solution, more than 375 units sold worldwide
  • High uptime for reliable 24/7 inline operation
  • Leading image quality for dependable inspection decisions
  • Outstanding accuracy and reproducible inspection results due to 4-spindle manipulation
  • Automatic defect recognition (ADR) for objective and efficient inspection
  • Data acquisition from each tire enabling statistical process control

Automotive quality solutions: safe inspection decisions

To produce radial truck, bus, and passenger car tires, non-destructive material testing with the help of digital radioscopy has become an indispensable tool. Whether directly integrated into the production process or for product development: Industrial X-ray inspection systems support the operator during quality assurance or perform the final evaluation of the X-ray image fully automated.

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Finding tire anomalies with the market leader

With more than 375 units sold worldwide and a reliable uptime of more than 95%, Comet Yxlon’s MTIS is the gold standard for 24/7 inline quality assessment of radial tires. The MTIS system reliably identifies defects and irregularities such as

  • Inaccurate positioning of structural steel components
  • Defects of the components, i.e., loose wires or dog ears
  • Separated cords or irregular cord spacing in the sidewall
  • Inclusions of foreign material or defects in the rubber compound
  • Defects in the bead core areas
  • Irregular cut belt edges
  • Asymmetrical tire structure in the tread area

Line detector and 4-spindle manipulator for the highest accuracy

The horseshoe-shaped Comet Yxlon UScan3 line detector delivers leading image quality with the highest contrast at production speeds with 16-bit dynamic resolution. The MTIS tire manipulator consists of four synchronously driven spindles and a linear axis system with servo motors. Through the fast and safe rotation of the tires without slipping or deformation, the system guarantees accuracy and easy reproducibility of inspection results - the basis for gathering high-quality statistical data.

Seamless integration into the production line

  • Standard conveyor interfaces
  • MES connection interface
  • Barcode reader solutions
  • Site-specific integration support
The spindles move the tire
Fully automatic inspection and defect analysis.

Y.TireAXIS ™ and Y.TireView: supervised or fully automated inspections

Y.TireAXIS™ software provides consistently high process quality by detecting flaws and highlighting them for the operator or by a fully automatic inspection. Configurable inspection programs offer reproducible decisions for a controlled testing process. Working in sync with Y.TireAXIS™, Y.TireView offers a wide variety of features for supervised inspection. Its eye-friendly live view mode and image adjustment tool enables operators to easily investigate anomalies identified by automatic defect recognition (ADR).

Data analysis for process optimization with ADR

In addition to objective inspection results and reliable quality assurance, Y.TireAXIS™ enables an efficient product quality assessment against specified limits for process optimization. The automatic defect recognition software generates the full dataset of every inspected tire. Information like internal construction details helps make production quality measurable and thus helps improve production processes.

Statistics provide valuable data to improve the whole tire production process

Technical Details

Tire Width 100 - 508 mm / 4" - 20" 100 - 400 mm / 4" - 15.5" (with UScan 3-L)
100 - 350 mm / 4" - 13.5" (with UScan 3-M)
Tire Inner Diameter 13" to 26" 13" to 26" 
12" on request
Maximum Sample Weight 160 [kg] / 352 [lbs] 60 [kg] / 132 [lbs]
System Dimension ~5400 x 5100 x 2700 [mm] ~4800 x 5100 x 2700 [mm]
X-ray Tube 100 kV / 300 W 100 kV / 300 W
Detector Active Area 2469 [px] (with UScan 3-L) 2469 [px] (with UScan 3-L)
1819 [px] (with UScan 3-M)
Pixel Pitch 500 [µm] 500 [µm]
Bit Depth 16 [bit] 16 [bit]

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