Comet Yxlon high-resolution computed tomography systems for dimensional measurement deliver precise data for the in-depth analysis of inner structures.

Metrology for quality assurance, science and research

Analyses and measurements of the internal structures of objects have become very important, especially in the context of new additive manufacturing methods. Non-destructive testing with Comet Yxlon CT metrology scanners produces volume data containing comprehensive geometrical information. With an almost unlimited number of reference points, a complete part can be measured, while internal measurements of cavities and material interfaces in hybrids and assemblies can be added later.

Wall thickness analysis of an airbag cover

Two expert inspection systems made for CT metrology

Based on customer input, Comet Yxlon designed the FF20 CT Metrology and the FF35 CT Metrology with premium tubes and detectors for a broad inspection range. While the FF20 CT Metrology focuses on smaller parts, the FF35 CT Metrology with its two X-ray sources enables operators to measure numerous components and different materials. To achieve the highest accuracy and repeatability, Comet Yxlon CT systems are equipped with granite-based manipulators, high precision linear and angular Heidenhain encoders, water-cooled X-ray tubes as well as a class 3 quality air-conditioning system.

Comet Yxlon FF20 CT
Comet Yxlon FF35 CT
Climatized room ensuring stable temperature for highest precision

The main benefits of Comet Yxlon FF CT Metrology systems

  • Precise, non-destructive measuring, including minute interior structures
  • Non-sequential fast data acquisition with almost unlimited measurement points
  • Excellent image quality for high-precision defect detection and the exact distinction between blowholes and material
  • Substantial time savings via seamless defect analysis and nominal/actual comparison
  • Reduced correction loops and cost
  • Traceable measurement data for secure documentation
  • Following the basic guidelines of the VDE/VDI 2630 standard set by the Association of German Engineers

Unconditional accuracy meets intuitive operation

The intuitive Geminy user interface facilitates smooth workflows thanks to its easy touchscreen operation. With just a few touches, operators can perform the re-verification test and will automatically receive the test report for traceability and verification. In addition, the history of SD measurements can be conveniently accessed for further analysis. Thanks to the innovative Dragonfly and Volume Graphics software, operators can make use of an extensive set of tools for the multi-dimensional display and segmentation of image data, the visualization of deviations of geometric tolerances, or subvoxel-accurate defect detection.

Visalization of CT scan results with Dragonfly
Wall thickness analysis of an injection molded part

CT metrology in the automotive industry: injection molding

Using conventional tactile and optical measuring technology based on drawings oftentimes requires several time-consuming set-ups and alignments. In contrast, CT measurements of injection molded parts help establish rapid workflows and generate all relevant data in one step. CT metrology provides a highly accurate surface approximation when subsequently performing reverse engineering for tool corrections.

CT scan of a 3D printed impeller

CT metrology supporting aerospace applications

To facilitate lower fuel consumption and higher engine efficiency, the latest aircraft engines are made of INCONEL, a nickel alloy, using investment casting. The challenge for manufacturers: Investment casting requires complex cooling channels and internal cavities, which precludes the use of conventional ultrasound testing methods. CT metrology is the only non-destructive method for measuring internal walls to identify any core shift that may have occurred during the casting process.

The benefits of CT metrology for metal casting

Increasingly stringent quality requirements for castings concerning surface quality and inclusions necessitate special equipment for quality assurance. Comet Yxlon CT metrology scanners provide inner structure measurements of highest the complexity and help optimize process chains. Foundries benefit from reliable inspection results based on industry standards, actual/nominal comparison, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, wall thickness measurement, and edge distance calculation.

Wall thickness and void analysis of a metal cast part


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