More than just X-ray and CT images: Comet Yxlon’s smart inspection systems supply manufacturers with valuable data for process optimization.

How X-ray and CT data help create additional customer value

X-ray and CT systems are sensors that provide rich data. While many manufacturers use the image data that the systems generate solely for quality assurance and product analytics applications, the raw data material itself can serve a lot of additional purposes. Comet Yxlon offers a wide range of smart data analytics solutions that allow manufacturers to tap into their valuable data lake and use the information smartly for process optimization and predictive maintenance.

Visalization of CT scan results with Dragonfly
Image enhancement functions offered by Geminy

Product analytics: the benefits of data analytics in quality assurance

In quality assurance, X-ray and CT data are used to generate information on product characteristics. X-ray and CT inspections help to identify defective areas in the tested part (e.g., blowholes in aluminum castings or faulty solder joints of ball grid arrays, BGA) to filter out out-of-spec parts. In addition, the data allow you to make predictions about the performance of a part in the field, e.g., the capacity of battery cells. Assessing the full range of image processing technologies like computer vision and machine or deep learning, Comet Yxlon’s in-house development team has created a range of solutions for various scenarios – from software-aided evaluation to fully automated defect recognition (ADR).

Process optimization: increasing quality and efficiency

In addition to product analysis, data analytics can help optimize production processes. The properties of the parts under inspection are continuously monitored and statistically evaluated to get information on possible improvements to the manufacturing process. Manufacturers can identify adverse trends in production and counteract them at an early stage to avoid scrap, increase efficiency and thus save costs. Comet Yxlon data science experts work closely with customers to implement software solutions for process optimization that integrate seamlessly into the customer's processes.

Comet Yxlon solutions for various industries and applications

  • Electronics: workflows supporting the operator with software evaluations during solder joint control
  • Aerospace and automotive: TrueInspect for the automated analysis of radiographic images
  • Automotive tires: MTIS TireAXIS for assuring the correct assembly of truck tires in accordance with the specifications

Predictive maintenance: avoid downtimes, extend life cycles

Guaranteeing system availability for customers is of the highest importance to Comet Yxlon. By extracting information from the image data and data from other sensors within the X-ray or CT scanner, inspection systems can be monitored. Based on the machine health data, preventive service and maintenance actions can be planned, eliminating unexpected downtimes. Since predictive maintenance software monitors the condition of wearing components individually, it ensures the system’s availability and helps extend its life cycle.

The health monitor provides an overview about the system's conditions


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