Different industries have different needs: With a comprehensive range of industrial X-ray and CT systems, Comet Yxlon offers solutions for their specific challenges.

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From cutting-edge inspection systems to the award-winning user interface Geminy – at Comet Yxlon, we support our customers with innovative products and services that help them shape future markets. Depending on your specific application, there could be a range of suitable hardware and software systems that may suit your needs. To make this search a little easier, try our smart product finder tool today!

Diverse inspection systems for manifold challenges

Close collaboration with manufacturers and science institutes is at the heart of Comet Yxlon’s customer-centric product development. Understanding the individual challenges of various industries, applications and businesses enable the creation of innovation and relevant solutions that help customers shape future markets. Comet Yxlon X-ray and CT inspection systems serve a wide range of traditional as well as new industries – from metal casting to e-mobility, from additive manufacturing to semiconductors, and many more.

Easy loading of heavy test parts with an optional crane


Comet Yxlon offers high-resolution and high-magnification X-ray inspection systems that were engineered to meet the challenges of advanced packaging, IC, and wafer testing.

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Whether it is electronic, microelectronic, or electromechanical products – Comet Yxlon systems are the answer to the continuous miniaturization of high-performance components and their quality assurance in the micron range.

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With the shift towards new drive systems, the complexity of quality control in automotive keeps increasing. Comet Yxlon offers smart solutions for this fast-changing sector.

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Metal casting

In metal casting, the requirements for quality assurance are both high and diverse. Comet Yxlon systems enable high-volume inspection of typical casting flaws.

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Due to the complex and sensitive components used in electric vehicles (EV) such as battery cells, the e-mobility sector demands modern test methods like CT to ensure safety and performance.

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Additive Manufacturing

The more complex the 3D-printed components, the more challenging their inspection. CT provides an accurate visual understanding of the internal structures and densities of AM parts.

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Science & Research

Museums, research institutes, laboratories, and universities rely on cutting-edge X-ray and CT systems from Comet Yxlon to perform their scientific explorations.

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In the aerospace industry, the highest product quality and functionality are crucial for safety, especially regarding new materials and production methods. This asks for the best quality control tools and methods available on the market.

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