With its optional dual-tube set-up, the FF35 CT combines unprecedented CT data quality with the highest versatility when inspecting small and medium-sized parts.


Series: FF series

Industry: Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace, Science & research, Foundries, Semiconductors, Add. manufacturing

Defect size: <1µm, <50µm, <1mm, >1mm

Part Size: small size, medium size, large size

Mode of operation: 3D, 2D/3D, metrology

FF35 CT highlights

  • Single or dual tube configuration for highest versatility in laboratory micro-CT applications
  • Switch between 225 kV micro-focus and 190 kV nano-focus tubes in seconds with the touch of a single button
  • Accurate results due to granite-based manipulation and air conditioning
  • Application flexibility due to various CT trajectories and FoV extensions via software platform Geminy
  • Optional metrology version with an MPESD = 5.9 µm + L/75 [L in mm]
  • Available as FF35 CT SEMI version in compliance with semiconductor market standards
  • NEW! Maximum sample weight now up to 50kg - Also available as an upgrade
High-power 225 kV micro-focus tube and 190 kV nano-focus transmission tube - the perfect combination

Flexible inspection of very small to medium-sized parts

The Comet Yxlon FF35 CT, FF35 CT Metrology, and FF35 CT SEMI cover an extraordinary range of applications. Capabilities include improved material testing in the R&D department, optimization of process control and small series inspection as well as various scientific applications. The dual X-ray tube set-up enables the high-resolution CT system to significantly expand quality assurance and research possibilities in the automotive, electronics, aviation, and material science industries.

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Proven technology: 225 kV micro-focus directional beam tube

With its high power of 320 W and water-cooled target, the 225 kV Comet Yxlon directional beam tube enables quick CT scans in less than a minute. In 2D operation, the tube reaches a spatial resolution of 4 μm. The possibility of switching between the micro-focus directional beam tube and the nano-focus transmission tube within a single inspection sequence substantially increases the application range.

CT scan of a battery

The perfect addition: 190 kV nano-focus transmission tube

When it comes to part sizes of 10 mm and smaller, the 190 kV nano-focus transmission tube with its resolution in the submicron range is the right solution. It facilitates the high-resolution inspection of every kind of sample: While its water-cooled tube head allows for quick temperature balance and highest focal spot stability, four modes enable the optimal adjustment of the focal spot size in relation to power. Since both tubes have their own generator and HV cable, they can be switched without the need for reconfigurations.

Various trajectories for maximum flexibility

Graphic symbols and a wide range of automated functions enable the intuitive user interface Geminy to provide easy operation – independent of the operator’s skill level. At the same time, it offers a great number of features for flexibility regarding part sizes and inspection tasks including CT trajectories such as HeliExtend (helical CT scan and reconstruction method), a horizontal field-of-view extension, a virtual rotation axis, and standard Quick/QualityScan.

Which items can be inspected with the FF35 CT?

  • Electronic components incl. SMD
  • Products involving new materials or new manufacturing methods, e.g., additively manufactured components, fiber-reinforced plastics
  • Battery cells and modules
  • Injection molded plastics
  • Microsystems (MEMS, MOEMS)
  • Medical objects, e.g., cannulas
  • Light-alloy castings
  • Geological, paleontological and biological samples

Which applications is the FF35 CT designed for?

  • Quality assurance, material analysis, and research
  • Failure and structure analysis
  • Assembly checking
  • Inspection of small serial productions
  • Process control
  • Digitization
  • Segmentation

FF35 CT SEMI: Developed for applications in the semiconductor field

The Comet Yxlon FF35 CT SEMI X-ray system is an innovative, versatile high-resolution CT system for use in research and development and quality assurance. It was developed specifically for inspections in semiconductor-related industries. The FF35 CT SEMI meets the high SEMI® standards, including the hazard and safety standards SEMI® S2-0818 & SEMI® S8-0218, and is certified accordingly.

Measuring the finest inner structures with the FF35 CT Metrology

The Comet Yxlon FF35 CT Metrology takes the accuracy of CT-based dimensional control, e.g., measurements of finest inner structures, to the next level . It captures nearly unlimited measuring points in one CT scan decoupled from the measurement evaluation. Seamless defect analysis and nominal-actual comparison save time and reduce correction loops and correction costs for product samplings. The FF35 CT Metrology meets the standards of VDI/ VDE 2630.


Technical Data

Sample Diameter 530 [mm] (20.9")
Sample Height 800 [mm] (31.5")
Maximum Sample Weight 50 [kg]
System Dimensions (W/D/H) 2960 x 1590 x 2120 [mm]
X-ray Tube 225 kV directional beam tube,
additional optional 190 kV transmission tube
Available CT Modes Cone-beam CT, QuickScan, QualityScan, HeliExtend, FlexCenter (virtual rotation axis), ZoomScan, LayerScan, ScanExtend (FoV extensions), Volume crop
Manipulation Granite base, active air damping, 6 to 8 axes, wide FDD range

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