九月 29, 2023 | Gina Naujokat

使用 Dragonfly CT 三维体数据分析软件评估铸件孔隙率有三种简单且快速的方法,每种方法均可使用宏自动完成。具体方法和分析时间可通过下载附带应用说明文件获取了解。

X 射线计算机断层扫描(CT)通常作为铸造厂的抽查项目,可对铸件进行详细的质量评估,其中了解孔隙率的分布和程度尤为重要。快速检测高吞吐量是必要的,因此,简单快速的三维图像处理方法非常重要。


Dragonfly 可自由选择最适合您的样品类型和扫描质量的方法,并通过自动化提供可靠的结果和高吞吐量。




Looking back millions of years into the earth's history with computed tomography

七月 27, 2023 | Gina Naujokat

A sedimentary slab from the Holstein Rock was to be examined for its fossil content using computed tomography. Latest CT technology provided results no one had expected.

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Unveiling the Mysteries of Life's Origins: Comet Yxlon and our Partnership with the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

六月 06, 2023 | Isabella Drolz

Have you ever pondered the wondrous journey of life, from conception to birth? At Comet Yxlon, we are proud to support the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin in their quest to answer this profound question through the innovative application of CT technology.

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The phenomenon of fake resolution

六月 05, 2023 | Andreas Deresch, Gina Naujokat

By chance, we recently encountered a phenomenon together with a customer that we had not paid attention to before. An apparently resolved X-ray image turned out to be a fake. A simulation model proved the mystery.

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