Fast porosity analysis of castings with Dragonfly

September 22, 2023 | Gina Naujokat

View three simple (and fast!) methods for evaluating porosity via CT with Dragonfly. Each method can be automated using macros, with a downloadable application note detailing the method and analysis time required.

Often performed as a spot check for foundries, X-ray computed tomography (CT) allows the detailed quality evaluation of castings, with the distribution and extent of porosities of particular interest. High throughput is necessary; therefore, a simple and fast 3D image processing method is important.

In this application note from Dragonfly, three simple (and fast!) methods are shown across representative castings with varying porosity amounts. Each method can be automated using macros, with the application note detailing the analysis time required.

Dragonfly offers the freedom to choose the method that works best for your sample type and the scan quality involved, with automation providing reliable results and high throughput.

Fill in your details to download the free application note below and read the full project report.


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