With its dual-tube configuration, the high-energy, high-resolution FF85 CT achieves extremely precise inspection results for a wide variety of material types and part sizes.


产品系列: FF 系列

应用行业: 汽车制造, 微电子, 航空航天, 科研开发, 铸造, 增材制造

缺陷尺寸: <1mm 缺陷, >1mm 缺陷

样品尺寸: 小型, 中型, 大型

运行模式: 3D, 2D/3D

FF85 CT highlights:

  • Extensive range of applications from microCT to high-energy CT due to dual tube configuration and both flat-panel and line detector
  • Large inspection envelope by diverse field-of-view extensions, helical and dual-helical CT techniques
  • Granite base for temperature stability and precise manipulation
  • Maximum versatility through up to 7 manipulation axes
  • Intuitive Geminy user interface with touchscreens for easy system operation

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High energy. High resolution. High versatility.

Small parts or large parts, the optional combination of two X-ray tubes with a spacious flat-panel detector (DDA – digital detector array) and a linear detector array (LDA) caters to the broadest application range. While the mini-focus tube, with its high energy of up to 600 kV, is the right solution for large and dense parts, the directional micro-focus tube (up to 300 kV) provides detailed insights into the inner structures of small components. Seamless switches between 2D radioscopy, 3D cone-beam, and fan-beam CT provide outstanding flexibility and the creation of individual inspection processes.

See more of FF85 CT in the gallery:

Comet Yxlon CTScan 3 line detector drray

Comet Yxlon developed the CTScan 3 line detector array (LDA) for customers’ special requirements and challenging applications. With its unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio, its dynamic range, and a pixel pitch of 254 μm, it is the no-alternative solution for the crystal-clear inspection of large and/or dense components. It is designed for up to 600 kV operation reducing unwanted scatter radiation and providing low-noise electronics and highly efficient scintillators.

Almost indestructible: the granite-based manipulator

Another building block that contributes to the premium performance of FF85 CT is the rock-solid granite-based manipulator. It makes the system extremely precise and durable by providing warp resistance and temperature stability.


Various trajectories for maximum flexibility

Graphic symbols and a wide range of automated functions, displayed on the intuitive user interface Geminy make operation easy – regardless of the operator’s skill level. At the same time, it offers a great number of features for flexibility regarding part sizes and inspection tasks, like CT trajectories such as HeliExtend (helical CT scan and reconstruction method), horizontal and vertical field-of-view extensions, a virtual rotation axis, and standard quick/quality scans. Image enhancement tools like ScatterFix 2.0, beam hardening reduction (BHC), or metal artifact reduction (MAR) reduce or eliminate scattered radiation or artifacts in the image.

Which items can be inspected with the FF85 CT?

  • Aluminum, steel, and super alloy components
  • Additively manufactured parts
  • Battery cells, modules, and systems
  • Fiber-reinforced composites
  • Plastic injection molded parts
  • Cultural assets, historical art, and archeological objects
  • Geological, paleontological and biological samples
  • Mechatronic modules

Which applications is the FF85 CT designed for?

  • Material and structural analysis in research and development
  • First article inspection
  • Dimensional measurement
  • Small series inspection
  • Failure analysis
  • Assembly checks
  • Digitization
  • Segmentation

Technical Details

Attribute Respective Value
Sample Diameter 1000 [mm]
Sample Height up to 1840 [mm]
Maximum Sample Weight 400 [kg]
Focus-Detector-Distance (FDD) up to 2050 [mm]
X-ray Tube Y.TU450 mini-focus
Y.TU600 mini-focus
300kV directional beam tube
Y.FXT 225.48 directional beam tube
CT Modes Cone beam CT, Helical CT, virtual axis, FoV extension, Volume Crop, QualityScan, QuickScan®
Manipulation 7 axes, granite based


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