Designed to provide intuitive operation, the UX20 system makes it easy for users of all expertise levels to conduct highly efficient X-ray and CT inspections in record time.


产品系列: UX 系列

应用行业: 汽车制造, 航空航天, 科研开发, 焊缝检测, 铸造, 增材制造

缺陷尺寸: <1mm 缺陷, >1mm 缺陷

样品尺寸: 小型, 中型, 大型

运行模式: 2D, 3D, 2D/3D

UX20 highlights:

  • Intuitive operation with Geminy
  • Benchmark image quality
  • Fast results in 2D and 3D
  • Compact footprint
  • Robust design

Effortless X-ray and CT inspection of cast parts

Due to the transformation to electric mobility, foundries are increasingly producing larger and more complex components. With its exceptional inspection envelope and the smart Geminy software, the UX20 facilitates fast and precise inspections of cast parts and helps increase overall production efficiency.

What’s new in release 1.2?

  • Optional MesoFocus tube 225 kV
  • Image optimization with ScatterFix 2.0
  • Automated Data Transfer
  • SmartGuard crash protection

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Intuitive operation with Geminy

As the unique user interface for all workflows, Geminy makes x-ray and CT inspections as intuitive as possible. Diverse user roles help to streamline tasks: While the expert can tweak all parameters, less experienced operators will be guided through the workflow by wizards and presets.

Avoid collisions: SmartGuard

SmartGuard, a Geminy software wizard, helps to safely generate highly detailed images without the risk of collision when positioning the test part, especially when it comes to asymmetrical parts.

Keep track: part ID and part type

Track & trace capabilities provide the flexibility to add the ID/serial number of parts to the inspection data and reports manually or via a barcode scanner.

Simply share: Automated Data Transfer

Save time and effort in providing 2D and 3D inspection data such as images and reports by activating the Automated Data Transfer to a fileserver outside the system.

Stay informed: Healthmonitor

Operators can quickly analyze the system’s condition and performance with one look at the Healthmonitor.

The optimized image chain of the UX20 enables any operator to achieve reliable benchmark image quality.

ScanExtend: Enlarging the field of view

The UX20 is equipped with a strong suite of computed tomography features. With ScanExtend, the wizard guides users through the set-up of various scan-field extensions, while FlexCenter sets a virtual rotation axis to inspect difficult parts or regions of interest without the need to reposition the object.

ScatterFix 2.0: Optimized surface determination

ScatterFix 2.0 improves the quality of the CT data by reducing parasitic scattered radiation –for an optimized surface determination when inspecting large and massive components.

MesoFocus: Higher resolution, low maintenance

The MesoFocus technology combines the benefits of the mini-focus and the open micro-focus tubes. Three selectable focal spots provide optimum spatial resolution into the micro-focus range, while the robust design of a sealed tube makes the optional MesoFocus tube perfect for rough environments.

Which parts can be inspected with the UX20?

  • Automotive and aerospace castings
  • Welded structures
  • Multi-material components
  • Additive manufactured parts
  • Special alloys
  • Plastics and fiber-reinforced composites
  • Ceramics

Which applications is it designed for?

  • Quality assurance and material analyses
  • Failure analyses e.g., flaws, porosities, cracks, inclusions
  • Assembly checking
  • Measurements of inner structures
  • First inspections
  • Small series inspections
  • Spot-check inspections
  • Process control

Ergonomic design, no distractions

The clean layout of the operator desk allows users to stay focused on the inspection task. The height of the control panel can be adjusted to meet individual requirements to work in a standing or sitting position. The joysticks and buttons on the panel can also be operated when wearing gloves.

Your download:


Technical Data

Attribute Y.Panel 2323 HB Y.Panel 4343 DXi
Maximum Sample Weight 100 [kg] 100 [kg]
System Dimensions 2250 x 1770 x 2350 [mm] 2250 x 1770 x 2350 [mm] 
X-ray Tube 160-225 [kV] 160-225 [kV]
Detector Active Area 1280 x 1280 [px] 3072 x 3072 [px]
Pixel Pitch 179  [µm] 139  [µm]
Bit Depth 16 bit 16 bit
Oblique Viewing +/-55 (45° in central beam) +/-55 (45° in central beam)
CT Modes QuickScan, QualityScan, Cone beam CT,  virtual axis, FoV extension QuickScan, QualityScan, Cone beam CT,  virtual axis, FoV extension
Inspection Envelope DR (2D) 710 x 1090  [mm] 800 x 1100 [mm]
Inspection Envelope CT (3D) 190 x 165  [mm] 340 x 280 [mm]
Inspection Envelope CT (3D) with ScanExtend 315 x 1085 [mm] 540 x 1100 [mm]


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