Connected Hearts

十二月 16, 2022 | Gina Naujokat

At Comet we understand connection as the sense of belonging felt when having a supportive relationship with those around us. Our relationship with you is one of those connections, and we are very grateful to have been able to count on your support throughout 2022. 

With our  "Connected hearts" campaign, we want to bring that power of connection back to the communities: In many schools around the world, poor infrastructure makes learning difficult for many students. We believe accelerating the connectivity, online learning and other initiatives help ensure that every child is given an equal opportunity to make the world a better place.

Take heart, and play along with us. The more hearts connected in our game, the larger Comet’s donation will become to help connect schools to the internet. Click the above picture and start the game.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best for 2023!

We look forward to our collaboration next year.


Tiger head shows the difference

五月 25, 2023 | Gina Naujokat, Jan Tamm

The CT scan of a tiger skull for natural science revealed the power of our HeliExtend Dual trajectory. Read our story and find the difference.

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Dragonfly Super Resolution for Image Enhancement: an Application to Additive Manufacturing

五月 09, 2023 | Anton du Plessis, Muofhe Tshibalanganda

The Dragonfly Deep-Learning, super-resolution model takes the input of poor resolution scans to create superior image quality results – almost like the high-resolution images but without the need to scan at high resolution! Learn about this significant advantage!

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Battery Insights powered by Dragonfly

五月 08, 2023 | Gina Naujokat

At Control, the new Battery Insights software package will get presented live with the Comet Yxlon CT system FF35 CT, and Anton du Plessis will demonstrate and explain the market-leading Dragonfly segmentation and deep learning functionality. Read more.

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