X-ray and CT inspection is as easy as that: With Geminy, operators don’t need to dive into the depths of technology – they can simply use it.

User-friendliness – a powerful efficiency and productivity tool

Traditionally, X-ray systems were designed by experts for experts and were usually complex to operate. But the new working environment of Industry 4.0 has changed priorities: today, workers need to have a broad knowledge of various tasks and systems instead of specialized knowledge for just one. Therefore, Comet Yxlon consistently pursues its path towards software products with a clear focus on user-friendliness. The simple, intuitive operation with Geminy, the customer-focused software platform for all our modern Comet Yxlon CT systems , eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly training and quickly guides any operator to the best test results.

Award-winning usability for operators of all skill levels

The Comet Yxlon X-ray system user interface, Geminy offers graphical symbols, wizards, presets, and automation to guide operators smoothly through the inspection process. Due to role and rights management, expert users and beginners alike can achieve reliable inspection results. Touchscreens, intuitive drag-and-drop functions, and a clean layout maximize user-friendliness – and thus save time, effort, and labor cost.

Supporting the user: Geminy wizards and automated functions

Stay informed: Healthmonitor
Operators can quickly analyze the system’s condition and performance with one look at the Healthmonitor. System health is indicated in green, yellow, or red for all major components. In case the status is not optimal, a solution and clear instructions are usually just a click away.

Avoid collisions: IntelliGuard and SmartGuard
Systems with IntelliGuard assess a part’s individual contour within a few seconds. Collision-free manipulation is automatically ensured even in close proximity to the tube and other components. Particularly for asymmetrical objects, SmartGuard uses a wizard to define the exact contours of the test part based on the live X-ray image, thus ensuring highly precise manipulation.

Keep track: traceability made simple
Either manually or using a barcode scanner, the part ID or serial number can easily be added to the inspection data and test report guaranteeing clear allocation also for future issues.

Simply share: Automated Data Transfer
Save time and effort in providing 2D and 3D inspection data like images and reports by activating the Automated Data Transfer to a fileserver outside the system.

CT methods for field-of-view extension and maximum image quality

Powerful CT image quality optimizations

ScatterFix 2.0: optimized surface determination
ScatterFix 2.0 improves the quality of the CT data by reducing parasitic scattered radiation – for an optimized surface determination when inspecting large and massive components.

Beam hardening correction/reduction (BHC)
Various methods are available for reducing the characteristic artifacts and correcting unwanted gray-value gradients, including model-based corrections.

Metal artifact reduction (MAR)
MAR helps to minimize interfering effects in surface extraction, especially with plastic-metal mixes and metrological applications.

Ring artifact correction
Multiple methods are available to minimize concentric circle artifacts in the CT volume, e.g., by post-processing or applying detector shifts.

Jitter correction
Jitter correction helps to eliminate any blurry edges caused by a focus drift or shifted parts.

Truncation correction
By using truncation correction, the operator can correct truncation artifacts on ROI scans where the inspected part fills the entire field of view.

Visual and automated evaluation of X-ray and CT scans

With its CT techniques and image enhancement tools, Geminy supports operators in their visual assessment of product quality, e.g., in finding blowholes in metal castings. For visualization and image analysis, Comet Yxlon offers a choice of expert tools:

  • 2D X-ray image inspection: Comet Yxlon Image 3500
  • CT reconstruction and visualization: Comet Yxlon FF CT software (powered by Siemens CERA Xplorer)
  • 3D volume visualization and analysis: ORS Dragonfly
  • CT data processing, analysis, and visualization: Volume Graphics VGSTUDIO

A future-proof investment: scalable and easy to integrate

Due to flexible interfaces that connect the system components, Comet Yxlon systems running Geminy can be integrated cost-effectively into specific customer environments. The scalable software supports use in a variety of application scenarios, from a single laboratory to a network of interconnected production systems, and can be adapted to changing production requirements. Thanks to the continuously expanding upgrade options that allow bringing new functions to a running system, Geminy guarantees investment security for many years.

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