Access the wealth of information included in your 2D and 3D images to improve both your product and process quality. Our Software Suite’s packages and tools support you in staying ahead of your market. 

Extract critical information for enhanced product and process quality

From segmentation and visualization to evaluation and quantification: The Comet Yxlon Software Suite includes powerful software tools and packages that allow you deepest insights into your product and process quality. Analyse properties and characteristics of your manufactured products based on human-machine or machine-to-machine-interfaces, and gain actionable information about your process from deviations of product quality. 

Our Insights software packages



Expert software tools for more insights

Do you want to explore how deep you can dive into image and process analysis? Our comprehensive software tools for experts combine advanced AI and machine learning processes to deliver powerful, actionable insights into product and process quality.

Our Insight software tools

CoS Insights 

Powered by Dragonfly 

Increased productivity by 3D metrology of Chip-on Substrate solder connections:

  • Speed up process development and failure analysis with fast, valuable insights and CoS 3D Clarity scans for bumps down to 50 µm.
  • Ensure quality and control by learning crucial parameters, detecting defects like Head-in-Pillow, and obtaining objective, reproducible results.
  • Efficient setup for single parts and small batches, with automated sequence programming and tools for comprehensive 2D and 3D inspections.
  • Results available in both PDF and machine-readable forms

CoS Insights also includes includes the tools for software-assisted void analysis and visual inspection.

Void Insights

Powered by Dragonfly 

Gain even deeper insights from efficient guided inspection by grading solder connection voids. Our Void Insights package enables the software-assisted quantitative void analysis in 2D and 3D images. You’ll benefit from unobstructed views of solder planes when using 3D X-ray. Void Insights allows a reliable and repeatable evaluation with a machine-readable export of results.

Review Insights

Powered by Dragonfly 

Our Review Insights package enables the software-assisted visual inspection of 2D and 3D images. It allows you to review slices of 3D volumes in any direction and facilitates image analysis through user-friendly image filters, zoom, rulers and manipulation.


CoS Insights is available on the following systems, click on the links below to find out more: 

CA product line:




Battery Insights 

Powered by Dragonfly 

From segmentation to automated overhang measurements – Battery Insights, our new Dragonfly battery software package makes CT inspections of batteries as easy, fast, and efficient as never before. The innovative Dragonfly battery solution is based on an expert-trained deep learning (DL) model which gets customized to your exact requirements. The built-to-spec AI-powered package performs exact measurements and evaluations and delivers detailed reporting according to your individual needs. Eliminate operator bias from your battery inspections, benefit from a turnkey solution adapted to your specs, and unlock the power of smart automation with Dragonfly!

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Battery Insights is available on the following systems, click on the links below to find out more: 

FF product line:




Casting Insights

Thanks to their intuitive user interface, Comet Yxlon inspection systems are easy to operate by users of different skill levels. Our “Casting Insights” takes this ease of use a step further. Thanks to automated defect recognition (ADR), it allows for reliable, fast and user-independent inspection decisions. The Casting Insights software TrueInspect is a field-proven inspection solution, compliant with automotive requirements. Casting Insights is available with two additional support packages to reliably fulfill your quality assurance requirements and increase your yield.

Your benefits with automated defect recognition (ADR)

  • Objective, reliable results
  • 100% repeatability
  • Easy program teaching for new products
  • No false rejects
  • Increased yield
  • Enhanced productivity
Automated defect recognition (ADR) of an 2D X-ray image

Casting Insights is available on the following systems, click on the links below to find out more: 

UX product line:




Dragonfly 3D World

Experience image processing on a completely new level with Dragonfly 3D World. Based on advanced AI and machine learning processes, the user-friendly Dragonfly software can vastly improve image and process analysis. From segmentation to visualization – learn more about the tools of scientific image processing in our Dragonfly 3D World section.


Quantitative Analysis

Size, shape, and spatial properties

Make measurements on hundreds to millions of individual grains, pores, organelles, etc. Select from volume, surface area, Ferret diameter, aspect ratio, roughness, sphericity and scores of additional measurements.

Porous media

Dragonfly provides the ideal framework for characterizing and analyzing the properties of porous materials.

Meshes and models

Create high-quality meshes, vector fields, and spatial graphs generated from image data, segmentations, or simulations.

Fiber analysis

Calculating the physical properties of composites, polymers, and fibrous materials with Dragonfly provides researchers and product developers with the comprehensive understanding of material behavior that is essential for improving and developing new products.

Dragonfly 3D World is available on the following systems, click on the links below to find out more: 

FF product line:




UX product line:




CC product line:

Cheetah EVO

Cougar EVO


CA product line: