Comet Yxlon industrial X-ray and CT inspection systems help manufacturers and developers stay in control of product quality – with technologies like CT metrology, laminography, image software solutions, and data analytics.

Powerful X-ray and CT inspection systems

Comet Yxlon offers a wide range of cutting-edge X-ray and CT systems designed to support manufacturers in all their industrial inspection needs. The specialized systems are used in the most diverse areas such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, science & research, and many more. Whether a component is measured in micrometers or meters, ounces, or pounds – there’s a Comet Yxlon system to match. Many systems can be integrated right into the production line, optimizing production time and processes.

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From cutting-edge inspection systems to the award-winning user interface Geminy – at Comet Yxlon, we support our customers with innovative products and services that help them shape future markets. Depending on your specific application, there could be a range of suitable hardware and software systems that may suit your needs. To make this search a little easier, try our smart product finder tool today!