GIE Media's Roundtable 'Today's Metrology' with Yxlon's Dirk Steiner

November 22, 2021

Dirk Steiner, Business Development Manager at Yxlon has been deeply involved in industrial computer tomography since 2004, scanning and analyzing more than 1,000 data sets. Here is your chance to watch and learn during his recent participation in GIE Media's Today's Metrology Live Webinar, a roundtable held where he was an expert panelist. Yxlon was represented along with manufacturers of other technologies related to metrology for a rounded view of solutions.

Dirk discussed the latest trends in metrology using industrial computed tomography (CT) and how data is key to finding out the information most manufacturers are looking for to increase efficiencies and decrease costs. Most importantly, manufacturers want to offer the highest quality products, and this webinar provides an informed discussion on how industrial CT make this a reality.

Answering one question posed, Dirk said “CT is a non-tactile method, so we don't change geometry in the process. We can see internal structures, and now with the big trend in additive manufacturing there is no limit to what they can design and print today. With CT, we can look inside and measure things that are either undercuts or even hidden inside the part. And on top of that, we also get data from defects; internal defects that are not related to metrology per se. So, that's two birds with one stone.”

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Gina Naujokat

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