CT in AM to Improve Predictive-Model Based Qualification

October 21, 2021

As metal Additive Manufacturing continues to grow as a technology for the production of critical end-use parts for the most demanding of applications, X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) remains an unrivalled non-destructive testing tool.

In this article, just published in the Autumn issue of Metal AM magazine, Yxlon's Nathan Serafino and Dirk Steiner report on how Materials Resources LLC, an additive metals research and manufacturing company, defence contractor, and 'fast factory', is going a step further, using the technology to improve predictive-model based qualification processes as well as to calibrate in-process monitoring.

Ayman Salem, PhD, founder of MRL, shown with the company's
YXLON FF35 CT high-resolution CT system,
used for non-destructive testing of additively manufactured materials

Source: Metal AM Autumn issue

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