3000 € Donation for Digital Projects

February 01, 2022 | Gina Naujokat

Especially in today's awareness of resource scarcity, environmental protection, and sustainability, it hurts the soul when functional devices should simply be disposed of because they no longer meet certain technical requirements. That was the case for Axel Klein and Tobias Zanger, long-time employees of YXLON International in Hamburg-Langenhorn, when facing a mountain of high-quality computers in the system development department with insufficient specifications for modern industrial high-performance X-ray systems.

Supported by the management, they could implement their idea of auctioning off the PCs after a thorough review and in an IT-compliant manner to interested colleagues. Due to the current Corona situation and the resulting priority of working at home, this meant a significant effort on top of the regular work, but it paid off: €3,000 were the result of the auction.

It was clear right from the beginning to make the best use of the money. Now the school association of the Erich-Kästner-School in Hamburg-Farmsen can be happy. They will use this donation for their digitalization projects and especially for the unique learning workshop PRISMA. The hand-over of the token check took place on Thursday, 27.01.2022, within a small event at the school.

From left to right: Guido Surma, Didactic Director EKS; Jörg Kowalczyk, 2nd Chairman of the EKS School Association; Tobias Zanger and Axel Klein, Yxlon; Photo: Olga Martin

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