Yxlon became Comet Yxlon

FAQs - Frequently asked questions

Background to the rebranding of the Yxlon brand to Comet Yxlon


YXLON International GmbH has been part of the Comet Group since 2007 and was renamed Comet Yxlon GmbH on September 8, 2022.

The integration into the Comet Group will result in the following advantages for our customers and partners, but also for us internally:

  • We expand our technical know-how and market knowledge to offer better solutions to our customers, increase our market opportunities and create a larger presence.
  • As an integrated part of the Comet Group, we have a stronger financial base that ensures long-term partnerships and enables more research and development for new technologies and customer solutions.
  • As part of the Comet Group, we leverage Comet's expertise in the semiconductor market.
  • In addition to the electronics market, the automotive, aerospace, and laboratory, research and development sectors continue to play an important role.

This rebranding naturally results in changes that are relevant internally, but also externally for our customers, suppliers, and partners as well as institutions such as banks and authorities.

In this document, we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with your usual contacts.

Frequently asked questions about the rebranding from Yxlon to Comet Yxlon


Fundamental changes

What is the main change?

YXLON International GmbH was renamed Comet Yxlon GmbH. As a brand, Yxlon became Comet Yxlon.

In a transitional phase, both brands - Yxlon and Comet Yxlon - will be visible until the implementation of the new brand identity is fully completed.

When exactly will the new brand be launched – is there a date?

The launch date for the new brand was September 8, 2022

What else is changing besides the name?

The following things change as part of the rebranding:

  • The design of our brand identity
  • Our web address: yxlon.comet.tech instead of www.yxlon.com
  • Our e-mail addresses will have the system max.mustermann@comet.tech in the future

However, our expertise in terms of products and technologies will not change under the new brand name.

Is Comet Yxlon the same company as Yxlon?

Yes, Comet Yxlon GmbH is the same company as YXLON International GmbH. It will only get a new brand name/ new legal company name.

Does the change of name also change the legal form of the company?

No. The legal form of the GmbH remains unchanged.

Will there be any changes to the organizational structures?

No. Comet Yxlon will continue to be a division within the Comet Group, with Comet AG, based in Flamatt/Switzerland, as the main company and with subsidiaries worldwide.

Will the ownership change?

No, the ownership structure will not change because of the rebranding.

Communication and contact persons

Have the contact persons changed with the change of name?

No, the contact persons do not change.

Will the employees of the renamed company receive new e-mail addresses and what will these be?

Yes, the e-mail addresses at Comet Yxlon will be integrated into the Comet Group system and will be max.mustermann@comet.tech.

Will the old e-mail addresses still work and if so, for how long?

Yes, the previous e-mail addresses can still be reached in parallel with the new ones until further notice. The new e-mail address will automatically be used as the sending address. This applies to both personal and functional e-mail addresses.

Contracts and invoices

Does the change of name affect existing agreements or contracts?

No. All contracts concluded under the previous company name YXLON International GmbH will continue to exist unchanged under the new company name Comet Yxlon GmbH.

What needs to be taken into account with regard to invoicing?

As of the date of the change of name, invoices must always be addressed to Comet Yxlon GmbH, if possible, even if the order was still placed in the name of YXLON International GmbH. For details, please refer to a current purchase order or contact your known local contacts.

Do the bank details change with the change of name?

No, the bank details do not change.

Does the change of name change the VAT ID or the commercial register number?

No, neither the VAT ID nor the commercial register number will change.

Is it necessary to create Comet Yxlon as a new customer/business partner?

No, this is not necessary. The customer relationship remains unchanged.

Will documents issued before the change of name still be accepted?

It depends on the document. Test reports and quality certificates issued prior to the change of name will continue to be accepted by us: they do not have to be sent to us again with a new company name. The situation is different for supplier declarations or other proofs of origin: Requests for such documents sent by us to the supplier prior to the change of name were still made under the company name YXLON International GmbH. If these requests have not yet been returned to us at the time of the change of name, the forms must be amended and issued to Comet Yxlon GmbH.

Use of the new Comet Yxlon design (logo, etc.)

Can a component with an old logo or old color scheme still be delivered to Comet Yxlon?

Suppliers with a stock of goods that have the previous Yxlon logo or other elements related to the old name and brand design (old color tones, old URL, old e-mail address, etc.) are requested to report this stock to Comet Yxlon by September 30, 2022, to the usual contact persons. During a transition period until mid-2023, the affected suppliers can then deliver the reported stock to Comet Yxlon.

As a supplier, do I have to wait until drawings/guidelines/documentation has been changed before I can produce with the new name and brand design?

As long as you as a supplier have the flexibility to adapt your production, you can immediately produce your products according to the new company name. All you need is the Comet Yxlon logo and color specifications. Please send the information/samples/test images etc. about newly produced products, preferably as PDF files, to your usual contacts, from whom you will also receive the logo file, placement specifications, and color values in advance.

Is there a contact to whom I can address further questions?

Yes, you can address further general or specific questions about the change of name and rebranding to your usual contact persons.

Yxlon/Comet Yxlon and the Comet Group

About Yxlon / Comet Yxlon

Comet Yxlon GmbH (until September 8, 2022, YXLON International GmbH) is a company of Comet Holding AG. It develops, manufactures, and markets high-end X-ray and CT system solutions for industrial environments - from R&D labs to production environments, with integrated services based on artificial intelligence and data analytics.

In the world of non-destructive testing, the Yxlon / Comet Yxlon name is synonymous with quality and safety, whether in 2D inspection or computed tomography, which provides three-dimensional insights into test parts, enabling, for example, the analysis of internal structures, dimensional measurements or target/actual comparisons to CAD data. Compared to radiography, computed tomography provides not only a more accurate inspection assessment but also valuable information for the production process. Furthermore, our microfocus systems allow detailed insights into the finest structures and smallest components.

With our headquarters in Hamburg (Germany) and locations in Hudson (Ohio), San Jose (California), Yokohama, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hsinshu (Taiwan), as well as representatives in over 50 countries, we as Yxlon / Comet Yxlon are on-site with our customers worldwide.

About Comet

Comet is a world-leading, innovative technology company focused on RF plasma control and X-ray technology. With our high-quality components and systems, we enable our customers to make a growing contribution to a safer, more efficient, and more sustainable world of production, communication, and mobility.

Comet is headquartered in Flamatt, Switzerland, and is present in all world markets. We employ more than 1,500 people worldwide. Our three business units operate independently with their own management and know-how and benefit from financing and support from the Group. In addition to production facilities in China, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Switzerland, and the USA, we have subsidiaries in Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the USA. Comet (COTN) is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Learn more at comet.tech