Yes is our answer to the challenges of complex 3D IC


The fastest way  from R&D to ROI

The semiconductor sector is a speed-driven industry. In the race for innovation every day counts. As an inspection system specifically developed for the challenges of complex 3D ICs in Advanced Packaging, the CA20 helps you keep the pace – and to stay ahead of the game. The CA20 enables an accelerated verification of new packaging process node prototypes: The faster you find the root cause of ramp-up issues and fix them, the faster you’ll reach the desired yield.



  • Designed for the semiconductor industry
  • Non-destructive technology for three-dimensional insights into solder bumps within minutes
  • Repeatable results through reliable and accurate technology, designed to support a stable inspection routine
  • Efficient software-assisted review including automated void analysis with Void Insights
  • Dose Manager for the protection of X-ray sensitive components

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At Comet Yxlon we love challenges – the more complex, the better

At Comet Yxlon we love challenges – the more complex, the better. Our new 3D X-ray solution is an answer to the need of semiconductor manufacturers for better, faster and more efficient inspections of 3D ICs in Advanced Packaging.

Challenge 1:
Minimize time to market.

Innovation cycles in the semiconductor industry are painfully short. Reducing ramp-up time for new process nodes is crucial.

Challenge 2:
Find tiny critical defects fast.

Head-in-pillow, non-wet, missing bumps – as ICs get more complex, critical defects get smaller and smaller. There’s no time to waste in detecting and eliminating production faults from the process.

Challenge 3:
Reduce investment cost.

Until now, optical inspection has been the go-to technology for semiconductor testing. But: destructive inspection methods like FIB-SEM are slow and expensive concerning initial investment and tool time – there's never been a better time for a cost-saving 3D X-ray alternative.


Critical defects in complex 3D IC structures

CA20's innovative software solutions 

  • The CoS 3D Clarity package as part of our award-winning Geminy software is your tool to quickly create high resolution 3D images. 
  • Use our Batch Manager to inspect trays of ICs or substrate strips with a few clicks.
  • Protect your sensitive inspection parts from critical X-ray doses with the Dose Manager.
  • Gain even deeper insights with our Void Insights package, providing efficient guided inspection by grading solder connection voids. Or, use Review Insights to enable software-assisted visual inspection of 2D and 3D images.
  • Unleash the full power of 3D data visualization and analysis with Dragonfly deep learning software, FF CT software or Volume Graphics Studio. 


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