Groundbreaking technology. Unrivalled productivity.

With best-in-class image quality and unprecedented speed VistaX introduces the next level of CT inspections.


From semiconductors to electronic devices and battery cells to additively manufactured parts: VistaX facilitates spectacular inspection results as fast as never before.


  • See finest details in up to ten times higher resolution than before.
  • Reduce inspection time and data amount without losing any details.
  • Enhance your productivity through increased system throughput.

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Learn more about the revolutionary VistaX!

Boosting your productivity starts with a simple e-mail! If you want to know more about VistaX software packages, its powerful features and their benefits for your production, contact us through our contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

The powerful CT software solution comes in different feature packages:


The best-in-class entry-level package contains these features:

Choose a mode according to your requirements: Use QuickScan for a revealing overview or QualityScan for high-resolution in-depth analysis.

Achieve up to three times faster scans for parts of a flat geometry than with the classic QualityScan while keeping image detail resolution.

Your ROI is not in the center of the turntable? FlexCenter provides a flexible rotation axis – no need for part repositioning.


See finest details in unrivaled resolution: In addition to all features of the Vista package, VistaX also comprises ZoomScan.

Increase your resolution by up to ten times compared to QualityScan. Just combine SmartGuard with the revolu¬tionary ZoomScan feature, and the system follows your part’s exact outline. Additionally activate the SpeedMode to increase scan speed by up to three times.

Conventional CT technology - Smartphone with 14µm max. resolution
Same part scanned with VistaX featuring ZoomScan - Smartphone with 6µm resolution


Setting new standards in productivity: In addition to all VistaX features, VistaX Pro also contains LayerScan.

The Comet Yxlon computed laminography solution is the most efficient technology for highest resolution slice images of flat parts without the need for 360° rotations. Furthermore, it accelerates the scan speed by up to five times.

Conventional CT technology - Smartphone with 14µm max. resolution
VistaX Pro even further increases the resolution while also reducing scan time
Scan of an smartphone with VistaX generates 6µm resolution
The slice image of the LayerScan shows even higher image quality while decreasing scan times