YXLON White Paper Helps Manufacturers Weigh Use of Third-Party CT and Digital X-ray Inspection Services

October 09, 2019

Have you ever considered whether Computed Tomography or Digital X-ray Inspection is right for your business?

A YXLON white paper, authored by Christian Gück, Head of YXLON Inspection Services, explores the issues that manufacturing operations must consider to make intelligent buy-equipment vs. buy-services decisions for digital radiography applications. “Are Third-Party Computed Tomography and Digital X-ray Inspection Services Right for Your Business?” offers insights that can help manufacturers make the best decision based on their scanning requirements and changing business circumstances.

Christian Gück,
Head of YXLON Inspection Service

The white paper explores the questions that manufacturing organizations must weigh carefully during the decision-making process:

  • How often do you need digital scanning services in order to run your business?
  • Do the inspection services you’re considering offer the specific capabilities you need?
  • How much experience does the inspection service have in scanning the kinds of objects you need scanned?
  • Are you planning to add new services/products that will demand greater/faster access to digital scanning services?
  • Are your customers demanding faster turnaround/delivery on parts?
  • Do you plan to introduce any products that will require high-resolution scanning to ensure you are meeting your own in-house specs?
  • Are your end-users requiring you to meet a new set of production standards?
  • Are you planning to transition from your current film radiography equipment to digital?
  • Are you weighing various scanning options for a future purchase?
  • How large are the parts that you want to scan?
  • Is there a competitively priced inspection service provider who can perform the services you need with the quality your process demands and in a workable timeframe?
  • What are the quoted turn-around times for the various services?
  • How up to date is the equipment that will be used to perform the scans?

A short technical overview of Computed Tomography (CT) is included. CT techniques are widely used in materials analysis, defect recognition, failure analysis, statistical process control, metrology, assembly analysis, image-based finite element analysis, reverse engineering applications, and the detection of counterfeit board-level electronic components and aircraft components. These techniques are also used to provide feedback for “dialing in” production parameters for additive manufacturing methods by making it possible to see internal problems, like porosity, cracks, inclusions, and leftover powder in a cavity.

Porosity and metrology measurements shown in aluminum casting

CT image of a Sirene Intermedia

The white paper outlines the equipment services available through eight YXLON Inspection Services locations around the world. All locations are equipped with current YXLON systems, updated regularly, to offer inspection services customers the latest advancements in scanning and imaging. In North America, inspection services are available in Hudson, Ohio, and in the Silicon Valley of California. Both facilities offer a variety of inspection services:

  • Consultation to define inspection specifications
  • Technical and commercial consultation to identify an optimum inspection solution
  • Inspection, analysis, and data processing
  • Delivery of inspection results and reports
  • Training for CT applications
  • Support during periods of peak demand or other constraints

To better understand when to use a third-party and what to ask your potential inspection partners, click the button below to download the free whitepaper.

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To learn more about what YXLON’s Inspection Services can do for your operation’s inspection quality and bottom line, visit http://www.yxlon.com/service/yxlon-inspection-services or download a free copy of the white paper (click on the above button). For personal attention, email inspectionservices@yxlon.com or call 234-284-7849 or 877-972-9100 (tollfree).

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